Our Best Selling Cakes

Best seller birthday cake

With over 20 years of experience in birthday cakes, there are more than 500 cakes we served in Bangkok and other provinces around Bangkok each month. We know what kind of cake customers will like and here is the best seller cake.


10. Larna de mountain
This is a good choice for brownie lovers who cannot decide which is better brownie or soft chocolate cake. This decoration is attracted and eyes catch, look very elegant with high hill brownie and chocolate dark and white sauce. Allow custom wordings on the chocolate plate. 

9. Lava cake

The special cake requires advance orders. We finish the cake and delivered it immediately. The excitement of this cake is that when the customer cuts the cake, the chocolate fudge in the middle of the cube flows down like lava. Customers can bring fruit or cake decorated next to it and dip it to have fun.

8. Chocolate heaven

If you are afraid that the fruit on the Lava cake is not enough, I recommend this Chocolate heaven. We put it chocolate fudge in a cup made of chocolate that you can dip them with fruits and brownies on the cake. When satisfying with dipping, it's time to cut the Larna cake below. Such a  great value cake!! 

7. Half-Half paradise larna cake

Sometimes you are not sure if the people in the party prefer chocolate or strawberry more. It's okay!, Larna House arranges half of the chocolate and another hale with strawberries for kids and adults to enjoy together. You can also put text labels on the top of the cake to make your cake unique with special wording too.

6. Full loaded larna cake

Children and adults all love colorful decorations on their birthday cake. therefore, we add a touch of rainbow color to our Larna Cake by decorating it with M&M, melting in the mouth but not in the hands. Be careful, when sugar-coated candies are placed on the moist cake, they melt and leak like a waterfall. Recommend to deliver on the day you will use in which we will decorate them around 1-2 hours in advance.

5. Chocolate mania

This cake is made for adults. It is very popular with chocolate lovers. We have a variety of chocolates on the cake. With many choices of chocolate on the cake, you will enjoy choosing which piece will eat the first. We add cute detail on this cake by customizing the numbers representing the age of the birthday owner on this cake. He or she might love to see them in the reversed order. :)

4. Mixed fruits garden

Our Larna Cake is lightly sweet and perfect math with citrus fruits. We clean by wash fresh strawberries and blueberries with water wipe every pieces before out on our cake. Yes, since we wash every fruit, this cake should be eaten by the delivery date.

3. White larna cake

It is a favorite cake of all ages, especially anyone who doesn't like the bitterness of chocolate, they will love White Larnaca Cake. This cake cannot be eaten anywhere else. It is unique to our shop. We make it fresh, so it smells very soft and chocolaty. Just a simple cake is beautiful, but customers can request for us to draw pictures on the cake.

2. Strawberry blossom cake

This is the best seller for the birthday cake. Anyone who eats will love it. We select fresh seasonal strawberries from different countries depends on which period of the year. The shape of the strawberry will depend on the source of strawberry. For the taste of strawberries, believe it or not, the strawberries in Thailand are very sweet and delicious, but the skin is also very thin. somehow Thai strawberry is available only December-February. 

We wash and dry every piece of fruit to make sure there is absolutely no residue. The cake should be eaten within the date of delivery since the fruit's skin will bruise a little and become more easily damaged. This cake is very photogenic and looks dimensionally compatible with all kinds of decorations and candles.

1. Original Larna cake

Finally, the best-selling cake with the smoothness and shadow shines as the signature Larna House. We can draw pictures like cartoons or anything on the cake with our special technique together with the talent of our artists. Due to the high demand for portrait drawing on the cake, the drawing with very detailed designs has to be ordered 1-2 days in advance. We try to decorate and prepare every cake as best as we can. 

  • Minimal style cake
    This is a simple drawing on the cake. We do not focus on the details. It is simple but cute. We can deliver this cake within 1-2 hours.

  • Original Larna cake with portrait drawing
    This portrait drawing on cake requires high skill, well we draw them by hand, it is crafted not a machine creation. They are not so easy and do not look 100% like the original as print out. This cake requires more time to decorate. If you would like to get this cake, please order 2 days in advance.

We have Birthday candle decorations to add flair to your cake.

Our cakes can be decorated in many ways. Please takes your time to look at each type of cake in detail. You can also send the design you want to let us see so we could help you with your best preference.
Have fun choosing your cake.