Vegan Gift set box L

1,000 ฿

Mixed set of our deliciousness as a gift.

  1. Vegan Malirice brownie (80 g)  1 box
  2. Vegan Spicy Malirice brownie (80 g) 1 box
  3. Vegan Larna cake (soft choc fudge for 2-3 servings) 1 box
  4. Vegan crispy brownie (no almond on top for nut allergies 95 g) 1 box
  5. Vegan Banana Superload loaf (400 g) 1 box
  6. Vegan chocolate cake (5 slices) 1 box
  7. Vegan choco banana (with walnut 160 g) 1 box

*the product is coconut, eggs, and milk free. it may contain gluten and nuts for the allergies, except for Malirice brownie and Spicy Malirice brownie contain no gluten.

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