What cake should you eat at Larnahouse?

 ลาร์นาเค้กมีอะไร อร่อย

If you want to know what are the best delicious cakes among our hundreds items on Larna House. I recommend this set which includes these celebrities of our shop

1. "A piece of larna" this cake is a piece from our shop's best-selling 2-pound cake, two layers of chocolate are soft and smooth. Like by all chocolate lovers.

2. White larna bar, for those who like a lot of greasy and thick chocolate fugde. Larna bar have 7 flavors, but what  we recommend is White chocolate. It is not too sweet, so soft and  very seductive.

White larna bar larnahouse

3. Khakai Choc dip set is the fresh butter bread stick. It is very enjoyable when dipped with Larna House's original chocolate sauce. We have been served this set together for over 20 years.

Chocolate dip set ขาไก่ดิพช็อคโกแลต larnahouse

4. Vegan banana loaf is a must-try banana cake for Banana cake lover. It is juiced with real bananas, super soft texture you may wonder is it really vegan?

5. Chocochino, 100% chocolate drink, Chocolate lover will be stunned with our drink. We made this chocolate drink from real chocolate, not cocoa powder. It's fragrant, maintains the cocoa butter quality. Most importantly it resets body and brain after tired day. Keep you fresh like a young man.

if you don't believe it, read on the benefits of chocolate in this link.


With is "Get to know larna house set" you will love Larna House wholeheartedly, confirmed by Mr. smilingJack.


Thank you for a lovely review from K.Phet. And K.Koi on Twitter. for the beautiful photo and good vibe.