Valentine gift 2024

"Make your Valentine's Day extra special with a delicious and beautiful chocolate cake from Larnahouse. Our Valentine's Day collection features a variety of heart-shaped cakes, including LIMITED strawberry coated chocolate box, made with fresh strawberries and premium chocolate. Our cakes are perfect for a romantic dinner at home or as a special gift for your loved one. Order now and make this Valentine's Day unforgettable!"

 Valentine Gift

Valentine 1: LOVE BOX
Elegantly decorated chocolate-dipped strawberries. We chose Thai strawberry (codename: King's species 80) this year because it is soft, sweet, juicy, but fragile. It's like a love that must be protected and will continue to be happy and happy.

12 coated chocolate strawberries with a card to send love to your door. Only 650 THB

Valentine Gift

Valentine 2:  Valentine's Ultimate Love Box

The box of charming affection for you. This year, we created the package especially to show you the most love possible. Inside the box are:

  • 9 x exquisitely adorned chocolate-covered strawberries. This year we went with Thai strawberries since they are delicious, juicy, and delicate; they are also known as King's species 80. It is like a love that is happy no matter what and must be protected.
  • 2 x exquisite chocolate bombs to elevate your love to a new altitude.
  • 1 x Larna chocolate cake, our all-time best seller.
  • 1 x bouquet of roses; as we have done every year, we custom order the carved rose. The bouquet measures 23 x 42 cm.
  • 1 x Valentine's Day card 

All of these are contained in a charming and elegant drawer paper box that you may use to store jewelry or cosmetics in the future.

valentine chocolate

Valentine 3:  Valentine's Chocolate Box

Perfectly crafted Thai chocolate bean to bar, available in a limited quantity, for your affection. We choose the cacao bean from the top ten best beans for 2023 and create a distinctive flavor that is adored and endorsed by numerous chocolate tasters worldwide. The package comes with two almond and marshmallow caramel chocolate bonbon and a 50-gram chocolate bar in a charming box with a card ready to deliver to your love right at your door.

valentine cake

Valentine 4: Minimalist Lover
Heart-shaped soft chocolate cake made to order and decorated in a chic, minimal style. 1-2 lb size as desired. Only cool words are romantic enough, just like your love, which is simple but steadfast. The cake can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 8 days after Valentine's Day. 1 pound costs only 750 baht (for a family celebration, we recommend a 2 pound size, priced at 1,200 baht).

valentine cake
Valentine 5: Love is all around : Love shaped cake
Your unique Valentine's Day gift is a heart-shaped soft chocolate cake decorated with strawberries and luxury chocolates. The cake can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 8 days (please eat all strawberries that day). The price of one pound is 1,200 baht. If you prefer macarons over strawberries, they can be stored for the same price for a longer period of time. (Size 2 pounds, price 1,900 baht, for family gatherings)

valentine chocolate cake

Valentine 4: Full of Love cake

soft chocolate spheres cake surrounded by chocolate wafer sticks filled with a slew of fresh strawberries to make it look beautiful and glowing. It was also embellished with heart-shaped chocolate.

Each of the strawberries is perfectly clean, and dry before the process, therefore, they can last for a couple of days. Must eat all strawberries on that day. Please be careful with the sticks that hold each strawberry.


delicious valentine chocolate delivery with flower bangkok Thailand quick & fresh

Flower Bouquets
You can send a Valentine's bouquet along with a delicious cake. You can save money on shipping, avoid wasting time, and spend quality time with your sweetheart.

  • A single rose costs 350 baht.
  • Medium-sized rose and carnation bouquet, 1,800 baht
  • Lily bouquet, medium size, 2,100 baht
  • Medium size gardenia and carnation bouquet, 1,800 baht
  • Roses and carnations in a large bouquet 2,300 baht
  • 4,500 baht for a large, elegant bouquet
  • A forever rose, handmade flower, 340 baht

We can deliver your cake after 11 a.m. since we begin decorating fruit on your cake at 9 a.m. to ensure its freshness. It may take longer to deliver to addresses that are more than 60 minutes driving distance from Pattanakarn Shop. Valentine products are available for delivery during 13-15 February 2024, you can pre-order to reserve your gift today.   

"Don't wait until the last minute! Secure your Valentine's Day cake now and avoid disappointment, last year was very full booked on our delivery schedule. "

Delivery information

  • Please keep in mind that shipping is not included. consider the distance Sent from the Phatthanakan Branch
  • Delivery must includes cake and bouquet delivery. We can't just send flowers.
  • Bouquets are not available for delivery to other provinces.
  • Order 3 days in advance for delivery by a cold, temperature-controlled car in other provinces. Shipping costs 300 baht throughout Thailand. Delivered throughout the day in a temperature-controlled vehicle.

If you want to order quickly and easily, within 1-2 hours, deliver in BKK and surrounding area, you can do so through

Pattanakarn (9am-8pm) 
Emporium (10.30am-9.30pm)
K-Village Sukumvit 26 (9am-7pm)

Pattanakarn (9am-7.30pm)
K-Village Sukumvit 26 (9am-7pm)

self order 24/7 click

more information and reserve delivery slot, please contact LINE ID: @larnahouse (live chat 9:00-16:00) WhatsApp +66879218003

Valentine gift

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