Thank you for loving our cake. We try our best in every bite. So now you are interesting in being partner with us. We can offer you 5% commission from every purchase your friends' make thru the online store. it's as easy as tab in a few click.

Just share the link on your page or your social media.
You can earn money from our delicious cakes.

1. After registration is complete, the referral link will be given. You can get commission only if the orders are made through the website only.
2. Your referral links will retain for a period of 14 days after your links are clicked. In case your friends have time to make decisions
3. Commission 5.0% will be calculated from product sales. Excluding delivery costs which based on distance.
4. Once the cake is ordered and paid, it cannot be canceled or refund.
5. Your friends will receive points from us as usual. We will collect 1 point for every 50 baht purchase. Points will be accumulated after the day of receipt of the product.
6. If within 1 month there is still no order in. We may have to temporarily suspend your referel link, due to the limited number of members in the system
7. The commission payment will be made every 1,000 baht.
8. This program is not allowed for staff member and their family memember.


if you are interested in our affiliate program, please contact LINE ID: @larnahouse  or Whatsapp +66 87 921 8003 (live chat 9:00-16:30)