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Larna House is created from the Passion in Chocolate. The founder's mom at first, baked this chocolate cake called "Larna Cake" for the family and it becomes the most wanted cake in Christmas Party every year. Each year friends and relatives will gathered and looked for this cake as the traditional dessert of the party.

"Why don't we share this chocolate cake's deliciousness to others who never taste the best one?"

That is how Larna House began.

passion in chocolate cake

Since 1998, we serve more than 10,000 birthday cakes with more and more amazing cake decorations advised by our customers. We tries to make the best quality chocolate desserts for more than 20 years. Without stop searching for the better quality, we find out the fascinating process of baking and decorating the cake. 

"We also use some new technologies but never forget

the delicacy of the old fashion baking style."

Bordin Charoenpongchai - the founder of Larna House

the making of chocolate birthday cake

Our customers are from all our the world. Those are the one who care about others and want to share the great taste and happiness to their loves even though they live in such a long distance. Our service is to prepare the best chocolate birthday cakes and deliver it to birthday boys/ girls/ moms/ dads, to show that they care cared by someone.

"The ingredients, baking processes, and service are always need to be cleaned and careful as we bake for our own family

This is the principle of Larna House.

larna house chocolate cake

Our commitment to making delicious chocolate cakes as our priority. This cake was originally a family pride. Our mother often make this cake and give out to friends and relatives at the Christmas party every year. Whenever this Larna chocolate cake is put on the table, it will draw everyone's attention. This cake always gone in just a blink before every other dish every time. We then started the store to sell the first "Larna cake" more than 20 years ago. 

We therefore love to share the deliciousness of Larna Cake with others to get to know and love more widely. It is a pleasure to see customers bring our delicious cakes to their important moments, and have always been impressed for over 20 years.

larna house dessert house

We select raw materials, especially cocoa, from quality sources. Pay attention to every step of the cake making and always control the quality. So our Larna cake is delicious, fragrant, soft, juicy in every bite. Customers often don't want to put down the spoon when eating our cake. And our cakes tend to run out quickly in every event.


Recently, Larna House is ranked number 1 in the best chocolate cake in Bangkok by FOURSQUARE.

To be recognized by chocolate lovers around the world is what we have been trying to do for almost 20 years. We try hard to maintain and improve the quality of products and services each year to serve your cake with best taste and reasonable price.

Thank you to our lovely customers who have shared and tagged us as the best chocolate cake shop. It's mean a lot to us.

source: FourSquare

We still want to know more about our new key ingredients, "CACAO". To maintain the quality of the cake as best, we therefore intend to search for sources of better quality raw materials. Therefore, we begin to travel to the origin of chocolate in Thailand and all around the world. These trips make us understand chocolate from various sources around the world. 

"The question always stuck in our mind that Thailand can get cocoa but why we never use it in our cakes??"

A travel experience to find the truth about Thai chocolate starts here. The dream to make Thai chocolate known to the world is one of our dreams that developed from our never-ending love of chocolate. Try following the beginning of our journey here. "Thailand Chocolate Journey Part 1" - Journey inspiration 

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